Why Beauty And Vanity?

Beauty Excites The Most Pleasure And Stirs Emotion Through The Senses

Beauty is anything pleasing to our senses that stirs strong emotions within us. Denial can be a beautifully painted yet profoundly superficial mask that hides the natural boundless beauty of our truth. Our beautiful mask can also hide the unappealing things we want to avoid. When wearing our mask of denial we can feel superior in relation to others (vain), while hiding insecurities we don’t want others to see. When we are in denial we are avoiding what is unpleasant or painful to think about, talk about, or acknowledge in any way.  By denying our truth, we are hiding what is really underneath the surface. Our gorgeous facade looks appealing at first glance and makes us feel safe and secure while it is in place. However, when the mask is removed, we are faced with feelings we don’t want to feel (sadness, anger, anxiety, confusion, helplessness, frustration, etc), which are derivatives of fear.  We may fear…ridicule, change, the unknown,  or abandonment to name a few.  The fear stops us from moving beyond where we are, to where we want to be.

Our mask can be excess weight, beautiful clothing and shoes, hair, plastic surgery, an attitude, a behavior, drugs, drinking, sex, eating, fasting, binging, starving, exercising too much or not at all to reach an ideal image that is inappropriate or unattainable without drastic measures.  Our mask can also be buying or acquiring things to appear financially wealthy…anything that gives an appearance of something that we wish we were, yet, we don’t actually feel that we are.